Aura 4.0
New Features Include: Easy Mode, Smart Auto Exposure, Smooth Blend and more!
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Maximum Sensitivity
The most sensitive preclinical optical imaging system – period
Robust Design
Built to support demanding requirements and withstand punishing environments
Ultimate in High Throughput
When discovery depends on precise timepoints, it’s important to capture data both accurately – and efficiently – to meet today’s scientific demands
Built for your life's work
Designed for scientists whose studies rely on obtaining high quality data in small animal imaging

Reveals Complex Biological Processes

without being overly complicated

  • Robust Build

  • Less pieces and parts to break

  • Ultimate in High Throughput

  • Faster Acquisition Times

  • High Sensitivity

  • Low Background

Advanced Capabilities




Aura Imaging Software

  • 3 Clicks to Acquisition

    New Easy Mode makes capturing data faster than ever before Simply select your probe & subject, then acquire your data.

  • Effortlessly Acquire Stunning Images

    Smart AutoExp with proprietary SmoothBlend technology enables rapid data acquisition at maximum sensitivity without compromising image quality.

  • Advanced Productivity

    Efficiently sort images & perform multiple overlays of imaging modes

  • Import Legacy Image Files

    Display and analyze files from Living Image® (IVIS®)

  • 100% License Free

    Available for PC & Mac users

Design your in vivo Experiments with Confidence

Join Spectral Instrument Imaging’s applications expert Andrew Van Praagh, and his guest speakers, for an educational webinar series highlighting best practices for experimental design and more!

Experts trust Experts

Spectral Instruments Imaging is the fusion of principal developers in in vivo imaging technology and a world class camera manufacturer. Working together to advance pre-clinical imaging to reveal complex biological processes.

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Very satisfied long-term with AmiHTX - sensitive and stable.
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Fast, easy to use, attentive operations staff.
Ami HT
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Great results! Would highly recommend this company and products.
Lago X
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The Lago X is by far the best out there!

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