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Spectral Instruments Imaging is

the fusion of...

2 principal developers of in vivo imaging technology

Bo Nelson

Co-founder & CTO

Bo is one of the original members of the team that developed the Xenogen IVIS® systems. For seven years, Bo was in charge of the instrumentation department of Xenogen, where he led the team that produced, calibrated, installed, serviced and supported the entire IVIS product line and accessories.

Mike Cable

Co-founder & Advisor

Mike assembled and led the team that developed the Xenogen IVIS® systems. As CTO of Xenogen, for six years he oversaw all aspects of instrumentation development and manufacturing. He served as a key member of the Xenogen management team from shortly after its founding through the company’s IPO prior to its acquisition by Caliper Life Sciences.


Keith Copeland

Co-founder & CEO

Keith co-founded Spectral Instruments Imaging to help innovate and bring to market the next generation molecular imaging system. This built upon his extensive experience in camera technology as CEO of Spectral Instruments, which he continues to run.  Prior to that he lead the development team and then ran manufacturing at Ventana Medical Systems (Roche) for the first Immunohistochemistry instrument. He started out his career doing mechanical design on CCD cameras at Photometrics (Roper)

Gary Sims

Co-founder & President

Gary has 30 years of experience developing and testing solid state imaging sensors and systems for scientific measurement applications including analytical spectroscopy, astronomy, high energy physics programs, bioluminescence measurement systems, and X-ray crystallography detectors. He is an author of numerous scientific publications and patents and is President, CTO and a co-founder of Spectral Instruments.

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