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Aura Software enables you to capture and analyze your data quickly, easily and accurately. The seamless end to end workflow maps user journeys through the most complex protocols, providing breakthrough productivity for researchers everywhere.

Aura Imaging Software

Acquisition & Analysis Software for Optical Imaging – BLI, FLI, X-ray

  • 3 Clicks to Acquisition

    New Easy Mode makes capturing data faster than ever before Simply select your probe & subject, then acquire your data.

  • Effortlessly Acquire Stunning Images

    Smart AutoExp with proprietary SmoothBlend technology enables rapid data acquisition at maximum sensitivity without compromising image quality.

  • Advanced Productivity

    Efficiently sort images & perform multiple overlays of imaging modes

  • Import Legacy Image Files

    Display and analyze files from Living Image® (IVIS®)

  • 100% License Free

    Available for PC & Mac users

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100% License Free Analysis Software.

Available for PC & Mac users

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Software Tutorial Videos

Watch these instructional tutorials and learn how to acquire images and analyze data

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