PentaFlow Animal Management System

PentaFlow Animal Management System allows for increased efficiency and accurate animal positioning. Easily stage 5 mice on the heated benchtop tray while the second tray is being imaged. Quickly swap trays for non-stop imaging!

Includes: Two 5-mouse manifold trays and two docking stations for instrument and heated benchtop. For use with both Ami or Lago.

Isolation Chamber

Sii’s Isolation Chamber provides a safe way to handle immune-compromised and diseased animals inside and outside of the imager. HEPA filters and an air-tight design housing a 5 mouse manifold prevents pathogens from entering the main imaging chamber.

The Sii Isolation Chamber was designed in accord with Aura’s anti-glare software feature, to avoid optical artifacts caused by reflection.

Somni Scientific Anesthesia System

Somni Scientific Anesthesia System includes AMD-3+ for inhalant anesthesia gas delivery and EPS-3 for controlled vacuum and active scavenging of waste anesthesia gas, Vaporizer, Induction Chamber, WAG Filters, and Isoflurane antispil adapter.

VetEquip Anesthesia System

VetEquip Anesthesia System includes RC2+ integrated isoflurane based anesthesia system and waste gas scavenging pump.

10 Mouse Manifold

10 Mouse Manifold for use with the Lago and Lago X imaging systems.

Includes 10 nose cones and 8 dividers.

5 Mouse Manifold

5 Mouse Manifold for use with the Ami HT, Ami HTX,  Lago and Lago X.

Includes 5 nose cones and 4 dividers.


Dividers for use with 10 Mouse Manifold and 5 Mouse Manifold.

Sold in packs of 4 or 8.

Nose Cones

Nose Cones are specialty manufactured from a transparent plastic, ensuring a secure fit when used with  5 and 10 Mouse Manifolds for Lago and Ami imaging systems.

Sold in packs of 5, 10, or 15.

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