High Efficiency in vivo Imaging now available on your benchtop

Advanced Molecular Imaging
The SPECTRAL Ami HT and Ami HTX acquire
quantitative images from a diverse set of
applications including well plates, plants and
small animals. The imaging system contains
a high performance cooled CCD camera to
record the image collected by a large aperture
lens with automation for filter and field of
view selection. Luminescence, fluorescence,
and x-ray modalities are combined into the
system utilizing the latest technologies.

Spectral Instruments Imaging software fully
integrates the high performance camera and
lighting system in the SPECTRAL line of products
to give you the shortest path from experiment
to conclusion. The software automates the
multiple steps necessary to attain calibrated
quantitative images so the experiment at
hand receives the highest priority of the users
attention, not the instrument. Intuitive controls
and an integrated file browser allow rapid
analysis and presentation of the optical and
x-ray data collected.
Advanced Software
Camera Sensor Back-illuminated, cooled CCD sensor
Pixel dimensions 1152 x 770
CCD Size 25.9 x 17.3mm
Quantum Efficiency >85% from 500-700nm, >30% from 400-850nm
CCD Operating Temperature -90°C Absolute, air cooled
Dark Current <49 e¯/sec/cm²
Binning 1×1, 2×2, 4×4, 8×8
Lens 50mm, max aperture f/1.2, min f/16
Read Noise 3.0e
Fluorescence Measurement Standard feature
Imaging Field of View 25 x 17 cm to 10 x 7 cm
Fluorescence Excitation LEDs 10
Fluorescence Emission Filter Slots 10
Fluorescence Emission Filters Available 20
X-ray Source (Ami X) 10-40 keV
X-ray Camera (Ami X) Line scanning imager
X-ray Field of View (Ami X) 25 x 15cm
Space Requirements (no outward opening door) 56cm wide, 66cm deep, 122 cm high
System Internal Dimension Imaging platform is 50x34cm
Heated Imaging Platform Standard feature
Electronics Control Box
Filter Wheel
Lens and Array Illumination
Linear Stages
Light Tight Enclosure
Anesthesia Port
Heated Platform
Scanning X-Ray Detector
Light Tight Door
Shielded X-Ray Source
420 North Bonita Avenue ∙ Tucson, Arizona 85745 USA
p +1 520.884.8821 ∙ e ∙ w
SI Imaging systems can be used in a wide variety of in-vivo and in-vitro molecular imaging processes. However, certain types of molecular imaging processes may require a license under one or more third party patents.
■ Industry Leading Field of View
High Throughput
■ Lowest Background Signal
High Performance -90° C Absolute Camera
■ No External Coolers
Completely Air Cooled
■ Simplified Imaging
Intuitive User Interface allowing focus on
the experiment not the instrument
■ Unrivaled Support
Limited downtime
■ Broad Imaging Capability
Fluorescence, Bioluminescence and X-ray
■ Ten LED’s for Fluorescence Excitation
Wavelengths of 430, 465, 500, 535,
570, 605, 640, 675, 710, and 745nm are
standard for excitation of fluorescence species
■ Choice of 10 Emission Filters for your
Fluorescence and Luminescence
Imaging Needs
490, 510, 530, 550, 570, 590, 610, 630, 650, 670,
690, 710, 730, 750, 770, 790, 810, 830, 850,
and 870nm
Custom filters available upon request.

Reveals Complex Biological Processes

without being overly complicated

  • Robust Build

  • Less pieces and parts to break

  • Faster Acquisition Times

  • High Sensitivity

  • Low Background

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