Aura Imaging Software

Aura Imaging Software

Aura by Spectral Instruments Imaging is a comprehensive, feature rich and user-friendly
software analysis tool for optical imaging. The seamless end to end workflow – from
acquisition through analysis – maps user journeys through the most complex protocols,
providing breakthrough productivity for researchers everywhere.

• Robust Analysis Software for Optical Imaging – BLI, FLI, X-ray
• Features Designed for Productivity allow you to efficiently sort images and perform
multiple overlays of imaging modes
• Import Legacy Image Files – display and analyze files from Living Image® (IVIS®)
• 100% License Free – Available for PC & Mac users
Aura has user-friendly image acquisition with customizable settings, instrument control
and productivity features like Group Image Protocols. The Group Image Acquisition feature
helps configure and acquire a sequence of images in a precise and automated manner.
This frees up researcher time and reduces risk of errors.
The integrated Image Manager has been designed from the ground up for improved and
simplified process of browsing and filtering image files. Numerous features greatly aide in
the user’s productivity.
Aura builds on Spectral Instrument Imaging’s patented technology for high sensitivity FLI.
It includes improvements in early detection and proven functionality for spectral unmixing.
Unlimited copies of Aura analysis software are available for free download, with no license.
Researchers are no longer instrument bound, and can analyze images on their personal
computers. With Aura’s ability to import images files from Living Image® (IVIS®)
researchers can now use Aura to analyze images from other instruments and collaborate
with teams worldwide.
Aura includes features for personalized user settings, logging of usernames, time logged in,
images taken, etc.

• Integrated Instrument and Image Acquisition
• Toolset for 2D Bioluminescent & Fluorescent Imaging
• Overlay Support for BLI, FLI, X-ray with Photo
• User-Friendly Image Manager Productivity Tools
• Group Image Acquisition Protocol, Management.
• Designate ROI, Annotate
• Calibrated to NIST Standards
• Import, Display & Analyze Images from
Living Image® (IVIS®)
• Supports Spectral Unmixing
• Free Unlimited License to all Users
• Lago, Lago X, Ami HT, Ami HTX, Kino
• Living Image® file format (from IVIS® instruments)
• 2D DICOM-compliant
• TIFF, bmp, jpeg, png, ppm

Efficient, Feature Rich Aura Software

Intuitive, Easy-to-use Image Manager

Group Protocol Definition, Acquisition & Management

Creating Regions of Interest (ROI)
Linking a Background ROI to a Measurement ROIs
Rhodamine B Cy5 Rhodamine B/Cy5
Nude mice injected subcutaneously with Rhodamine B
and Cy5 simultaneously.* Can be further resolved with Spectral Unmixing

Aura Imaging Software

  • Robust Analysis Software

    For Optical Imaging - BLI, FLI, X-ray

  • Advanced High Productivity

    Allows you to efficiently sort images and perform multiple overlays of imaging modes

  • Import Legacy Image Files

    Display and analyze files from Living Image® (IVIS®)

  • 100% License Free

    Available for PC & Mac users

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