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Optimizing Gene Expression with Bioluminescence & the piggyBac System

Discover how bioluminescence imaging and the piggyBac gene editing system optimize and track gene expression in mouse models.

Key topics include:

  • piggyBac system: Stable integration of transgenes for robust gene expression
  • Bioluminescence for in vitro optimization of liver-specific promoters
  • AAV8-piggyBac: Delivering transposon for liver-specific gene expression
  • Bioluminescence-guided determination of optimal conditions
  • Alternative delivery methods: Hydrodynamic tail vein injection and lipid nanoparticles
  • Real-time evidence of transcription with luciferase

Wednesday, August 2, 2023
9 AM PDT / 10 AM MDT / 11 AM CDT / 12 PM EDT

Previously Recorded Webinars:

Optimizing Gene Expression with Bioluminescence & the piggyBac System

Discover how bioluminescence imaging and the piggyBac gene editing system optimize and track gene expression in mouse models. With Dr. Grace Walton of Hera Biolabs.

An In Vivo Perspective on Next Generation Heptamethine Cyanines for Optical Cancer Imaging

Join Subash Gamage of Notre Dame's Smith Lab for an in-depth presentation on the in vivo optical imaging applications of next-generation near-infrared heptamethine cyanine dye, including fluorescence-guided surgery & various cancer imaging applications.

Preclinical In Vivo Optical Imaging: A Research Service for Core & Animal Facilities

Join Michael Rule, MS for an introductory presentation on Preclinical In Vivo Optical Imaging as research service for core & animal facilities.

Originally recorded 4/25/2023 for The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science's (AALAS) annual Demo Day.

Anesthesia Considerations in Small Animal Imaging

Anesthetic gas is commonly used for the comfort and stability of animal models used in preclinical research. Join SII and Somni Scientific for an informative webinar discussing the proper use and removal of anesthetic gas to improve study accuracy and repeatability and minimize operator exposure.

Supporting Preclinical Drug Development with In Vivo Imaging

Advances in cancer therapeutics necessitate tumor models & treatment modalities that more closely replicate those seen in the clinic. Bioluminescent imaging (BLI) offers robust real-time visualization of tumor growth in mice and rats, including orthotopic, disseminated, & metastatic tumors. Data obtained from BLI may be used to assess tumor growth kinetics, metastatic deposits, & therapeutic efficacy. Join us to learn how Hera Biolabs uses in vivo imaging techniques that support pre-clinical drug development.

Quantitative Bioluminescent 3D Imaging

Validated in high impact publications such as Nature and Cell, InVivoPLOT represents the first automated, quantitative and non-destructive preclinical imaging method for 3D bioluminescence. Operated in the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), InVivoAX offers accurate automated image reconstruction, data processing and analysis anywhere.

Longitudinal, Non-invasive, Small Animal Imaging: How in vivo optical imaging can facilitate 3Rs compliant research

Join In Vivo Imaging Specialist, Michael Rule, for a brief introductory discussion on In vivo imaging modalities and their part in enabling the 3Rs.

Originally recorded for AALAS annual demo day

Molecular Imaging Study Design Basics

Join Dr. Mario Bourdon, CSO - BioLaurus Inc., for an informative webinar focused on key considerations for drug development studies. Topics include study outline, choosing a preclinical imaging modality, calculating sample size and more!

Application of New Bioluminescence Imaging Methods in Identification of Molecular Drivers of Cancer Pathogenesis

Join Dr. Mazur for an informative presentation focused on novel bioluminescence methods used in the identification of the NSD3 methyltransferase as a principal 8p11 amplicon-associated oncogenic driver in lung cancer.

The Roles of Preclinical Optical Imaging in Cancer Research

Join Dr. Michael Henry for an in depth presentation highlighting bioluminescence studies in oncology across a wide range of models. Discussion will also include site injection comparisons as well as generating and characterizing luciferase expressing cell lines. Dr. Henry also shares key data sets from his work spanning a 20 year career in molecular imaging.

Optical Imaging Webinar: Scientific Principals and Applications

Whole animal In vivo optical imaging: a high-sensitivity, high-throughput screening, and non-invasive imaging modality that can be applied to monitoring disease progression and its treatment in animal model systems. Join Lead Applications Scientist, Andrew Van Praagh, for an in-depth discussion of scientific principals and applications.

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